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    Can Dogs Get Heat Stroke? - Dogs Naturally

Heat Stroke In Dogs

Would you know what to do if your dog was suffering from heat stroke? How would you know if your dog was just hot or suffering from heat stroke? Heat stroke can be deadly if not treated in time or not treated properly. What are the symptoms of heat stroke? Heat stroke symptoms include excessive panting, elevated temperature,  confusion, change in the color of their gums (bright red) , excessive drooling, agitation (pacing, can't get comfortable), collapsing, diarrhea, and vomiting. What should you do if you suspect your pet is suffering from heat stroke? Call your vet or an emergency veterinarian immediately! Move the pet into a cool, shady,  ventilated area. Use cool (tap water cool, not cold) damp rags to wipe your pet down. You can also place damp towels over your pet's body. Offer small amounts of water for drinking (too much at once can cause vomiting). DO NOT use very cold water, an ice bath, or plunge your pet into a bathtub or pool filled with water. Sudden temperature changes can cause shock. 

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