Please be aware of a highly contagious canine respiratory virus that is going around in our area. At this time, we do not believe this virus to be canine influenza. We, and many other area veterinarians, have treated many dogs with symptoms of coughing in the last 2 weeks. In the majority of the cases, a round of antibiotics has taken care of it. It has come to our attention that many of the area kennels have reported boarders with symptoms of this virus. Since we are unsure exactly what this virus is, there are no precautionary measures to take against your dog contracting it other than keeping them away from unfamiliar dogs. Exercise caution when taking them to areas where other dogs are or have been present such as parks, kennels, doggy daycare, grooming facilities and pet stores. For the time being, it is advised to make arrangements through an in home pet sitter rather than a kennel if possible. If your dog displays signs of this virus, such as coughing, contact your veterinarian immediately and do not expose them to other dogs. 


Brewer Animal Hospital

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