Heartworm Season Discount

Heartworm Prevention and Testing

During the month of April, we are giving a $10 discount on heartworm testing.  Please call our office(217-787-9730) to see if your dog is due for a heartworm test.

Heartworm is a disease spread by mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites your pet, they inject tiny larvae called microfilaria into the animal's bloodstream. If left untreated, these tiny organisms will eventually reach the pet’s heart and cause an infestation. If caught in time, heartworm disease can be treated. It is however somewhat costly, and very strenuous on the animal.

The best way to avoid heartworm disease is to give your dog monthly heartworm preventative such as Interceptor, Sentinel, Heartgard or Trifexis all of which are available at Brewer Animal Hospital.  Very soon we will again have Proheart 6, the six month injection for heartworm prevention in dogs.
Before your dog can be started on heartworm prevention, a blood test is required to make sure that your pet is not already infected with microfilaria. This blood test is required every year if your dog does not stay on the preventative year-round.  If your dog is kept on preventative all year, we require a test every other year.

 Cats are also at risk for heartworm disease though they are not as susceptible as dogs.  So, cats that spend any time outdoors should also be kept on heartworm prevention.  Both Interceptor and Revolution are labeled for heartworm prevention in cats.  We do not routinely screen cats for heartworm disease though we will test them if we suspect they are infected.

To read more, click here www.vetstreet.com/care/treating-heartworm-disease-in-dogs-and-cats